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21 Jun 2016

The Marriage of Raven & Scott

Submitted by Scott Elyard
One of the wedding gifts from afar!

On 18 June 2016, we were married.

We were married before most of Raven's relatives, and a few of mine. Raven's bridesmaids were Brianne Lyons and Marcie Winter. One of my best friends, Fred Rains, was my best man. My brother, Theodore, was a groomsman. The proceedings were officiated—delivered Rod Serling-style—by Raven's brother, Neils Schoenfelder.

We wrote our vows, and Neils wrote the interstitial narration:

    There is a door that is unlocked with the keys of patience, understanding, and love. Beyond it, there is another institution—an institution both sacred and secular; a covenant to which two people pledge themselves.

    We’re gathered here to witness two people opening that door, so they can walk through it together. They’ll start their journey before us today, and they’ll continue it side-by-side, into… their twilight years.

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