Raven's art appears on shirts at the Neatoshop! Ideal for the unclothed!

We're available to consult on your project. Need a designer for a print project or a website? Or a document for eBook or print? Need a mural painted, or would you like to commission an original piece of artwork?

We can help with that.

We know the questions to ask to help make your project successful, and we have the experience and expertise to prosecute a project from beginning to end. We're also available to help a project through completion, whether it needs just some routine maintenance or if it needs a final push to launch.

Site progress continues apace, perhaps a bit behind expectations, since we've recently had to deal with a sudden move. Living in the real world has its quirks and consequences.

In any case, now that the site is mostly working as intended (in spite of setbacks with better integration with social media), real work can begin on new blog launches (including Caw Box and Coherent Lighthouse), portfolio pages, typography issues, and the other projects this site is intended to support.

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